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Serena Williams returned to her draw for the semifinals of BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells.

Williams played ‘Cup Cup Will’ in the Netherlands during the Fed Cup win in February, but after his child’s birth in September, Indian Wells repeated his official WTA.

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Serena has won three women in the 2018 final to win the Indian Wells title for the third time. Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka, on the other hand, But this tournament did not play from Wimbledon.

Draws are associated with quality and plot, and we’ve broken up every quarter; And picked up the potential Indian Wells semi-finals.

First quarter
Quarter finals in the project: Simona Help (1) vs. Zilena Ostapenko (6) (1-1)

World number one Simona Halip returned to the tour after finishing the Middle Eastern swing to hit her leg. There are all the seasons in the Romanian War – he fired his ankle in the first round of the Australian Open but prevented the pain from all sides in the final, where he read Caroline Wozniacki. Helip has lost her number 1 ranking as a result of defeat, but she could not make it to the tournament, but she got top spot in Dubai. That ranking would also play in California, but had given his first initial break in last season, he could have retained the top spot in the tournament’s finals.

He won the world’s number one title for winning his second Indian Wells title. He became a champion in 2015 and has a clever but relatively gentle startup, which gives him a good turn in the second round, where he can face dangerous left-hander Cristina Plekova, on the day of the hand papers, the top ten star players in the third round of a difficult round Dominica can show Sibulkova, but Sibulkova is only a short time Arapharamyansera extended period of time after the beginning of his feet began to search. The help should come through the fourth round, he is pulled to face Kristina Mladenovic or Elise Mertens.

The helpline in the quarter-finals is compatible with the appropriate players, but there is nothing dangerous in the draw, and his injury does not go on his way, he has to improve in the last eight.

The other side of this quadrangle is less than that of Sidberf. Zelena Ostapenko and Johanna Conatata 2017 Finalist, Svetlana Kuznetsova, who played her first tournament last year from the Chinese Open (she suffered a wrist). Barbara Strykova, Belinda Benshech and Arina Sabalinka Kanta, who made only one quarter of the final season, can be dangerous like the second round, Mercato Vandroso can be her opponent, and both Sabalinka or Cujentosova will become Britain’s goal-3 opponent – if she gets Away

Ostapenko won only three matches in six tournaments this year and lost three matches in Indian Wells. So, the French Open champion is against Benicia or Timuria Babu when Stevovo is waiting for the third round.

I hope to reach the final of the Halep quarter, but his opponent’s identity is a real conundrum! Neither do not have the best of any form, but no one really comes out of the pack!

Predicted quarter-finals: Simona Hlpepe versus Belinda Bennsik
Semi Finals: Simona Hallp

In the second quarter
Projected quarter-finals: Garbyine Muguruza (3) vs. Karolina Plekova (5) (2-7)

Gerben Mugurja chooses a perfectly rich quarter, including Maria Sharapova, Petra Quitova and Carlona Pleikova – these women can only participate in the semifinals.

After a slow start at the beginning of the year, Mugurja got some form in the Middle East, reaching the final in Dubai and final, in Dubai, but if he is facing a very difficult challenge to reach the WTA semi-final for a third time. Spaniard has opened against Canadian Wildcard and former Wimbledon finalist Eugenie Buchard before Maria Sharapova’s possible third-round interview. Attendant Sharapova has not missed the first round, he must play his game before reaching the dangerous Nawami Osaka in the open round. He gets through that, Agnieszka Radwanska is waiting in the second round, before the possible third round meeting with Muguruza.

The Magnuja-Sharapova-Rawwana, who comes through the axis, wants to play in the fourth round of Coco Vandevegke. Vanadzef had a wonderful 2017, but he is still not able to go this year – after the Australian Open, his first WTA tournament, where he lost Timoria Babu in the first round. In the second round, Kia Kanepi of Anthonyya could be attacked in vandalism, but the Australian third-round opponent rival for Australia’s Ashley Lee.

Since the quarter is not quite rival, Petra Kivitova and Carolina Pisco title are on the other side! Kevitova was in front of the 13-man winning streak, won the St. Petersburg and Dohar, and led the Czech Republic against Switzerland in the Fed Cup. Checks are against its campaign punchy Yulia Putintseva or Alison Van Uytvanck; When a fourth round of a third-round meeting with Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova presented the biggest obstacle to Blockbuster’s Kavitano-Pliszko.

Quarter final: Gerbyen Mugurja v Petra Kittova
Semi Finals: Petra Kvitva.