MONSTER JAM WORLD FINALS is an annual giant truck event that is a championship event that organizes dining and freestyle competition, a championship event that is considered to be the winner of all … Wikipedia
Dates: May (2019); Dead march (2000-2018)
Competitor: 16 (2000-2004); 20 (2005); 24 (2006-2012); 28 (2013); 32 (2014-present)
Venue: Metal Life Stadium (2019), Sam Boyd Stadium (2000-2018)

Weekend Rundown: Monster Jam, Skate Date, LaughFest
Cn Devine’s GRNX shared the show at its top five weekend.
ABSTRACT FUSION – Thursday, March 8, 7 pm – 10 pm

Unreal Fusion is a unique industry experience! Four local artists will live in a DJ soundtrack painting. This event will increase the way you see and purchase art! All artists from the event will be raffled immediately after the event! Top off it, raffle income will be created together by artists a part! (ACT) Act empowers people to learn, grow and celebrate through the arts! You do not want to miss the grand rapets of this new concept!

Event details:

March 8, 018
7p.m. – 10pm
Reservavier Lounge
$ 5 cover (no presale, cash choice)
$ 1 / royal ticket (purchase of event, cash choice)
Art Raffel at 10:15 pm Posted on
Flyfoot Runner Run – Sunday, March 11, 2pm – 5pm

New year: Course transaction is only 0.6 miles!

Invite to wear their running clothes in support of the Gilda Club Grand Repatches to wear their best (and fun!) Underwear to this unique race! So forget the black tie, there is a new dress collection city town for underwear! Help bring ridiculous and mental health on the streets of Grand Rapids Road, can you run (or walk!) Through your underwear somewhere else, or the back seat behind the flashing lights is not coming back?

Registration starts at 12:30 PM at 2pm

Click here to learn more or register:

Giant Jam Triple series series – Sunday, March 11, 6:30 pm

The Monster Jam Triple Threes Series ™ offers entertainment for the fans of the Adrenanian Charging family. This global intelligent jam vehicles and athletes serve what most want to see … more trucks, more racing, more freestyle, more donuts, more wheelies, more action!

By examining the versatility of athletes at each event, they go head-to-head for three different cars in seven different competitions — Monster Jam Truck, Dorman Jam Speedstreet and Dynamic Same ATV. These athletes fight for points for challenging racing and free-style events that limits themselves and their machines. The leader of the points leader to compete for the titles of world championships will receive an automated delivery on the Monster Jam World Final ®.