UFC 224 Preview And Predictions, Live Stream 2018

UFC 224 Preview And Predictions

On Saturday night, UFC provided per-view with UFC 224 Preview And Predictions. Live from Brazil, this card shows a title fight and another exciting lecture made for an exciting night.

In the main offer, UFC Women’s Bentmouth Champion Amanda Nunes tried to defend her title against top contender Rachel Pennington. Nunes bantamweight section shows new faces and some belt longevity kept.

The card also includes fighters with Lyoto Machida, Vetter Belfast, John Lineker and Ronaldo Shuja. With this fight should be a fun night, let’s look at the card and forecast some for the battle night.


UFC 224 Preview And Predictions

UFC 224 Preview And Predictions

Main card UFC 224 Preview And Predictions

Amanda Nunes vs Rockleton Pennington

Amena Nuns participated in her leading contestant Rachel Pennington when she watched her domination as the UFC Bantamweight championship. There is no doubt that Pennington UFC is the most advanced woman in the bantamweight division. He has gone from an Invicta fighter to a firm TUF contestant in an eye-signed ink of a certified symbol. After being Holly’s sacrificed lamb, Holm has almost lost, Pennington won four wins at a stage, such as Miza Tate, Betrayer Korea, and Jessica Andrade. Nunes is a certified champion and he is well-suited and so is by the best Peter. The collection of several big scalps, including the horror striker and land and pound artist Valentina Shevchenko (twice), Randu Rauzi and the previous Tate. This is a good fight for people to imagine, but it is very difficult to go against the Nunes. Nunes secured a win in four rounds through TKO.

Ronaldo Shuja vs Kelvin Gasselam

Although both men are very capable strikers, they have very different shoe styles, although Ronaldo looks to defend his own country against Kasten Gastelum, looking to the helmet for a potential title fight in the top half. Shuja is a high-level Brazilian zee-Jitsu practitioner, while Gasselam is a more basic US wrestler. Improvement of Shuja has been particularly impressive, going to the threat on foot from a one-dimensional submission artist. His last four fights came in hand with his only loss Robert Whittaker, UFC Champion. That said, that in four wars, he scored the last finishing scores on Derek Brunson, Tim Boetsch, and Vitor Belfort. For Gaskell, he also had 2-1 (1 NC) team Kennedy and Vetter Belfitt in the last four (instead of being a contender after that). This is a great stylish matchup, which should be for a great scrap. With all the things to be considered, including recent history, Gastelum will make it very competitive even though I will take the shoe.

McKenzie Derne v Amanda Copper

After his UFC debut at UFC 222, Bijoy’s star and now-UFC war veteran McKenzie Dern looked at his overwhelming efforts against UFO’s experienced Amanda Copper. Dern undoubtedly the most hyped women to enter the UFC from Holly Holm several years ago. He is a top-level Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu player that definitely needs to still do his interesting work. It was not as impressive as its debut, because many had hoped that a split over Ashley Uodor was a rival. In this battle with Cooper, he has a great interesting difficulty, a good boxer. He said Darn can submit to anyone at 115, but the copper is unexpectedly over the mat. The Copper must be in need of stick and movement, although Dern’s shooting distance will be badly damaged for him. He shuffled into the victory and loss in the UFC, while losing to Anna Elmos and Angela Magna in Santa Camilo and Tatiana Suarez, Copper has a good chance in mind, however, as Darn apparently got a lot of experience on a high level for a fighter with six fanatical fights The star of creation and UFC match them properly to get some momentum. By submitting Darn is perhaps the scenario.

John Lennaker vs Brian Keller

Known for running his younger UFC term, Brian Kelleher looks at the spoiler game when he takes on the strong Brazilian bantamweight John Liner. Kelleher is a powerful wrestler with good underground and pound and submission capabilities. Although he can hit a tad too, he’d be intelligent to not get into a firing with the linker. Kelleher has been a winner of the Brazilians since coming to the UFC. He is very annoyed with Renan Barao and Yuri Alcantara, both of whom are the people of Linekar. Lenker hopes to break that stack of Keller. He can knock it out to power anyone in power fifth. He used to keep the castle with his conquest, fluttering his hand and moving. Although he had lost TJ Dilasawah two dirty before, he has won the recent win over Marlon Vera, John Dodson, and Michael McDonald. Kelleher certainly enabled another Brazilian to score a boring score here. However, Lineker has participated in the high-level competition for long-term success. Linker won a late kick or a decision.

Vetter Belfast v Laito Machida

Brazil’s greatest legend is going to be combined with the Middleweight division because Vitter Belfort has stopped his career against Loot Machima. Nearly Belfort and Machida are both quick retreat, with Belfort being one of probably the closest one, with the recent fall in the fall, the cart smoker is slow and weak of a chin. He is much more qualified than his chief, who had seen his second final fight with Derek Brunson, who ruthlessly found him. He returned and defeated Eric Ender narrowly in his last battle, but it proves that he is far away from his glorious days. Belfast is still a knockout artist, but like McDay, he saw a better day. The 40-year-old legend has just won one of his last four, his most recent fight against Nat Mastercard. There is no competition for a failed medication test by Kelvin Gastelum after one, although his chin is cracked as well as his last three have been knocked out, this fight can really go anyway. I call for a dual knock out, but that would be a choice to lose. For the retirement of Belfast Machida and probably herself

Primary card UFC 224 Preview And Predictions

Caesar Ferreira v. Karl Rabjordan

While the top middleweight is set to record his unbeaten record on the line, Caruel Roberson goes to Brazil to take the late Cezar Ferreira as Touf Brazil’s champion from many years ago. He showed brightness in his career, but he does not maintain the continuity where he can rise to the top-15. The blackfellas did not find himself in a bit of a stroke as late as the delegation. He was defeated by 4-1 in the last five bouts, including the decisions of Nat Marcaurt, Anthony Smith, and Oluwale Bamboozle. Roberson definitely is a good striker when he holds a distinct grappling advantage here. Roberson is a fantastic kickboxer big-time strategy and ability, as well as experience as a pro kickboxer. The unnecessary Bangar wings received an agreement with a quick, violent nose in Ryan Span of the White Contribution series. Then he made his UFC debut, where he choked out Darren Stewart in the first round. Ferreira should be considered dear here, especially given the resume and experience. However, I really liked to see Roberberg who he was wearing in the mainstream. He found out the firefighter’s sugar in three rounds and asked him to sleep.

Junior Albany vs. Alexia Olinik

Negative teams will take revenge, which probably will not require judges’ scorecards because Brazilian junior Albini welcomes Ukrainian Olexi Olene to her home country. Oliynyk is a submissive wrestler with a wealth of experience (67 guards). She is especially known for her extraordinary ezukewolf, a lasting she used to make many fights in her long career. Watch him stay away from the string bits with Albania, he has a great advantage on the mat as though he has lost to the contestant Curtis Blades, but Olive had to win the race before Trevor Brown and Victor Pesta. Albini is a big hair weight that performs well for a size of her size, when she sits behind her injury and scoring with her strikes, trying to get out of the shooting distance of the aliens. He defeated Andrei Arlovski in his latest battle but helped Timothy Johnson win UFC Abhishek in an impressive knockout fashion. This call is a tough fight. Oliynyk is a tough, impressive spoiler that has some tricks up her diagonal when Albini is a hot-up and comer with lots of talent. Flip a coin, call it air and make this pick. My currency tells me Albini will win the house at home.

Davy Ramos vs Nick Hein

Germany met in the lightweight section of Brazil, attacking the Davy Ramos region as Nick Hain. Ramos Pedro is a disciple of Rico, so you know that there is a strong coach in his corner. Brazilian 72 Brazilian is a good girl with competitive skills, she wants to try and use here against Hin. After losing the short list of his debut against Sergio Moras, he became stronger in his latest outing, running Chris Grüytesmkar for his first UFC win. Hain has quietly become a strong fighter in the UFFI, suppressing a 4-1 record under the radar. A physically strong and comfortable lightweight, he will throw hands, tease or take his opponent to the ground, all of which he has pretty successfully. His victory in UFC made him like Drew Dobler and Ta Hein Bang. Another tough fight to call this is, which is an act of matchmaking on this card. When the home field goes to Ramos, Hein is very underrated and will steal a win in the enemy region.

Eliju Jalssey vs Shaun Strickland

Brazil’s own Eliseo Jalisco does not seem to be trying to find American Shawn Strickland. Jalisco is a striker, whose background has copious experience. He used many shrewd techniques and used a knockout power, which means that you want to stabilize this war. After failing to ensure a win over his UFC debut, Jalseki won straight from four, then won the Max Griffin, Limon Good, Ketta Nakamura, and Omari Akhmedov. The battle of Night Machine takes to Stratland, another exciting fighter, which is more circular than Jalseira. Stracoln is a good striker on his right, but there are wrestling and submission that can easily come here. Although he lost before the two deadly wars of Kamaru Usman, he has shown McGee, Tom Bragg and Alex Garcia of the court that they can compete at this high level. This night should be a fight of a contestant. Both people will be excited the crowd with the intense exchange. However, it is true that Stratland is very strong, which will keep him at the top. Strickland takes the domestic boy forward.

Alves vs. Sultan Aliev in Warlie

Brazilian Zu-Jitsu artist, World Alves, is going to close a pair of girlfriends, with the Sambo fighter Sultan Alayev of Russia. Alves is a powerful specimen that is known for its very powerful choke and its racing competition. He struggled against the bulls with good wrestling, so this matchup with Alive could be a tough look for him. In his last fight, he stopped bleeding in the form of two-stroke strokes, in which he took a decision on the Salim trends. But winning was not his best performance. Alive is not participating in the competition in December 2016, so he’s on the shelf for some time. Alive and his momentum have been damaged due to injury. Who said that his last fight was a win, where he outpointed Bojan Velickovic. Fighting against such combatants in the fight against Elite and Alves wrestling warriors, it is difficult to accept Aliev.

Thais Lits v Jack Hammmson

Jack Hammmson will make another trip to Brazil where he wants to win, but on his way, there will be a long struggle for his field ground in Leighton on Middleweight. Leites is a longtime experienced person that knows all the trades of trade. He is a grappler that has made his interesting improvements, but he tried and tried and struggled with the Lambie kickboxer grind in Hermansson, after returning to the UF, the Nova Uniao fight firmly in the fight. After resuming his UFC career 5-0, he lost only 2-4 in his last six matches, including Brad Towers, Krisztof Jatko, and Gegard Mosacio. Grappler Hermansson is a good kick kickboxer with the ability and technique, who will be filled on feet. Sweden-born combatant has been very exciting from coming to the UFC, said that Brad Scott and Alex Nicholson are out of the big knock, showing an inconsistency when he resigns in the competition, he has been damaged to Thiago Santos and Cezar Ferreira. This is a step up competition for the Harmonson. Leites will be tough as nails and hunt them down from the mat. Let’s win a much-needed win

Alberto Mina v Ramazan Amiv

After Middleweight career, Ramadan Viv now plays with Alberto Mina of Brazil and deserves the weather waiter to try to win the title. Meena is a Brazilian Geo-Jitsu player who records an unbeaten 13-0 difference. That said, the gifted submission artist was suffering from a lack of career activity in his UFC. He has been on roast since 2014 but has taken his fourth war level with the UFA. Two of his three UFFC’s winning wins, Shinsho Anzai and Mike Pyle, dramatically won, while Yoshihiro Akiyama, he can clearly fight and hit with Amiv, who enjoys wrestling and will be disappointed. MVV Euphrates did a lot of cheating behind him, but Sam’s great victory over Alieves was a victory. In this war, the bombs descend from the hole and make an unreasonable scrap in MVV and Alve. However, MV has won the unanimous decision, so he has the speed under his belt. On the feet, it will be a rock-m, fight of SOC-M type. Not particularly technical, although they have both capabilities. Ambiance controls the game, and in another annoying outing, Amy convinces a close decision with a joke from a persistent Brazilian crowd in the background with a joke.

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