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UFC 223: An upcoming mixed martial arts event at Ferguson vs. Khwib Alim Fighting Championship, which will be held in Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn, New York on April 7, 2018.

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Date: April 7, 018

Location: Berkeley Center, New York City, New York, United States

Venue: Barclays Center

Campaign: Final Fighting Championship


Khabib Nurmagomedov calls UFC 223 ( UFC 223 Tickets ) title bout ‘most important fight in UFC today’

We are out for the actual title of Conor McGregor at UFC 223 ( UFC 223 Tickets ) on April 7th, with the current interim champion Tony Ferguson and Druk of the undefeated Russian sensation Khabib Nurmagomedov, one month away from one of the biggest UFC lightweight title fights in recent memory, Pay-Per-Bus Brooklyn, New York Barclays Center-to-View (PPV)

The match between “El Cookie” and “Eagle” has already been made for three separate shows, but the lightweight tower seems to have been reduced every time. We are facing the UFC quickly 223 and fans are hoping to have a charm during the fourth time and both fighters make it to Brooklyn

Not saying, this is a huge battle for the 155-pound division. Ferguson is currently organizing 10 wins-winning strikes, among which there is a recent submission victory on Kevin Lee for claiming an interval whip, while Nurmogomdovov brings with him 9 wins with a winning streak and an overall MMA record with 25-0 goals. It means a ton of sections in which fighting a conflict and a title in the most dominant lightweight of the past five years and moving forward in its direction.

“Only four weeks before the war, the tough rival, the real belt on the line,” Nurmagomedov said in a recent interview with Kevin Iole. “Nay Win Win Long vs. Ten Wins Straff. UFC does not fight this 25-year UFC history, they will not have to fight like this fight to fight this high level. This is going to be very good for fans, for those who will take this belt, UFI money This fight will earn a very high level fight and everyone will be happy because this fight is the most important fight in the UFC ( UFC 223 Tickets ) today. ”

Nurmagomedov, who returned to his UFC back in 2012, is not helping the cause of the Russians in the course of last year by taking boxing boxing ring against McGregor his talent Floyd Mayweather Juni not from 2014-2016 for some health issues, if there was no fight for a UFC title. But to spend time with McGregor, Khobib can finally refine the big-time championship that he is waiting for.

“First of all it’s about the real belt, it’s not the interim championship, it’s not Tony Ferguson belt, it’s not Connor McGuerre’s belt, it’s a real belt,” Nuremgomedov said. “I’m not going to fight against Tony Ferguson’s Fake Belt, I’m not going to fight the Conor McGregor belt when I win this war about three years ago. I’m going to fight the real belt and this is a big motivation. Five rounds, bigger fight we now fight three times Are supposed to do. ”

“I’m going to make this fight easy,” Nurmogomdov continued. “People will talk about this war, ‘wow, nobody did it before Tony Ferguson.’ I work with Michael Johnson as much as I do with Rafael Dos Anas, as I do with Edson Barzzer, everyone with everyone, who beat them like this? I will do this again with Tony Ferguson. ”

If Nuremgomedov is able to finish Ferguson’s ridiculous win streak and move away with unsupported title on 7 April, then he can be the greatest lightweight at all times. The victory of Khabib with McGregor in the Russian crash may have perhaps probably been expected to win a major title (possibly).

UFC 223 ( UFC 223 Tickets ) will also face the title of the current women’s winner of the title of the main event, the current women’s strappost champion Rose Namazunce, 115 pounds of the Queen Joanna Zedrezcq, who lost to Uruguay’s first round knockout from “Thug” in 217.